Checking in on Human Rights Watch and Gaza/Israel

Long-time readers will recall that I am a vociferous critic of Human Rights Watch. HRW purports to be a neutral human rights organization, but consistently hires staffers with a history of anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian activism to write and report on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. So how did HRW do after the Oct. 7 massacre and brutalization of Israelis? Perhaps even HRW would find it necessary to issue an immediate, strong condemnation? After all, everything about Hamas murderous rampage violated international law.

Nope. Checking HRW’s website, I recount below how it responded, chronologically. Note that it took two days for HRW to say anything about Hamas’s actions on 10/7, and even then HRW couldn’t spare a single post on Hamas that also did not also address Israel’s “obligations.” HRW does pay lip service to Hamas’s brutality, but only in the context of its primary function, which is as a propaganda outlet for the Palestinian side.

October 9, 2023 Q & A
Questions and Answers: October 2023 Hostilities between Israel and Palestinian Armed Groups

October 9, 2023 News Release
Israel/Palestine: Devastating Civilian Toll as Parties Flout Legal Obligations
Respect International Law, End Impunity to Deter Further Abuses

October 10, 2023 Dispatches
Hamas-Led Attack in Southern Israel Kills Hundreds
All Parties to Conflict Must Abide by Laws of War

October 11, 2023 Commentary
Real or Fake? Verifying Video Evidence in Israel and Palestine
How HRW’s Digital Investigations Team is Working to Build Evidence

October 11, 2023 Commentary
With Gaza Sealed Off, Palestinians Face Aid Freezes Too
Amid Humanitarian Crisis, Cutting Off Vital Lifeline Would Be Damaging

October 12, 2023 News Release
Israel: White Phosphorus Used in Gaza, Lebanon
Use in Populated Areas Poses Grave Risks to Civilians

October 12, 2023 Q & A
Questions and Answers on Israel’s Use of White Phosphorus in Gaza and Lebanon

October 13, 2023 Commentary
Amid Israel/Palestine Hostilities, Brazil Should Press to Respect International Law

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