Last chance to “like” the Esperanto comedy classic, “Honesta Homo”, on YouTube!

Today is the last chance to “like” my video that I’ve submitted to the Esperanto film festival. It’s under 3 minutes long, and it’s a comedy classic. (Your mileage may vary, but… while this might not be the funniest film ever made, I believe it’s the funniest film in this particular film festival.) It’s about Diogenes (the Greek philosopher who went around with a lantern searching for an honest man), and it’s called “Honesta homo” (“An honest person”).

“Audience favorite” gets a special prize in this film festival, and I’m within striking distance of first place right now, so hopefully the readers of this blog can help me get over the top.

So… while I’m embedding the video below, please click through to YouTube and “like” (“thumbs-up”) the video there:  (I don’t think you can “like” a YouTube video when you watch it on this blog: click on the title at the top of the video to open it in YouTube.)


You can also click here to see the full set of 50 films submitted to the festival, which is called the “Fifth American Good Film Festival”, or, in Esperanto, “La 5a [pronounced ‘kvina’] Usona Bona Film-Festivalo”).

Once again… please click through to YouTube and “like” my video!

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